Terms and Conditions

  1. The appliance will be serviced / inspected once a year by C.A. Jones & Son Ltd engineers.
  2. The contract is valid for twelve months.
  3. Cancellation of the contract is by written notification from either party. No refund will be made for any unexpired part of the contract.
  4. We reserve the right to amend this agreement at its renewal date.
  5. We will do all we responsibly can to carry out our obligations under the contract. However we accept no responsibility for any delay arising, or any consequential loss of any kind, e.g. obtaining spare parts, inclement weather, engineer sickness etc.
  6. This contract does not cover:
  • Defects on the appliances or heating system at the time this contract was made.
  • Trims, casings, decorative parts, fire radiants, coals, log effects, radiators or the replacement of an unserviceable / obsolete appliance.
  • Work carried out on the appliances or system by a third party.
  • Failure or damage caused by frost, scaling, aggressive, waters, flood, fire, civil disorder, wilful neglect or vandalism.
  • Repairs caused by the failure of the gas, water or electrical supply.
  • Any work resulting from the relocating or replacing of the appliance or failure to take responsible precautions to minimise damage to the appliances during these works or during a breakdown.
  • Pipework or cables buried in solid floors or contained within the fabric of the building.
  • Damage due to the appliance being in an unheated location without factory fitted or external frost protection.
  • Any part of an unvented hot water cylinder or controls unless an additional premium has been paid.
  • Any part of the gas, cold and hot water services of the property unless contained within the structure of the appliance covered.
  • Replacing any system inhibitors lost through general use, topping up or leaks on the heating system.
  • Replacement of batteries for wireless or digital system controls.
  • Upgrading of installations that do not comply with current gas regulations.
  • Any damage caused to property due to the failure of the appliance i.e. water damage.
  • Any under floor heating system, pipe work or control components.
  1. Responsibility for the moving of any object, clothing or materials preventing access to the appliance and thus any damage that could occur, remains the sole responsibility of the customer or their tenant.
  2. When an appliance is beyond economic repair or obsolete a discount will be applied should the customer choose us to replace the appliance.


C.A. Jones & Son Ltd 2011
(01792) 466306
55 Mansel Street, Swansea, SA1 5TE

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